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The broken are undoubtably the most skilled at putting themselves back together.

our bruises are hidden well, Emma Bleker (via padshiy)


A moonbow is a rainbow caused by moonlight. It’s a bit fainter than an actual rainbow. Moonbows are rare because moonlight is not very bright. A bright full moon is needed & it must be raining opposite the moon. The sky must be dark and the moon must be less than 42º high. (Source) (You may also like: 360 degree rainbows)


Tall Friends… ♥ Birthday gift for my best friend. :}



"Oh? Then you should know better than opening your mouth like that to everyone you pass by. How long have you been away from it hm?" Many would wonder why he was still alive with the mouth of his though. I’ts simply charm, would be his answer. But really he wasn’t that stupid to be this rude to anyone. 


In return for him showing her the not-so-very-harmful gun, she showed him her weapon, from which he fell silent in wide eyes for a very long time. Emerald orbs studying the blade, wandering up to the girl and then back. The intense staring ended when he fell to his knees and leaned in closer to the blade, eyes sparkling like a puppy seeing a toy or a child on Christmas. 


"That one looks so cool! So you prefer blades too huh? Hey I usually say that you just need two things in life, a really good knife and a girl by your side and you got both! …. Though you have neither a handbag and I can’t see any hairpins so scratch that out. One out of two. Where did you get it? Oh please please you gotta tell me where you took it from I really need one, they took mine and wont give it back, saying I’d hurt someone pffhhh as if. Hey can I try it?" So guess who loved knifes and decided that he’d just found himself a best friend.

She was tempted to take a step back when the guy suddenly started staring, and that feeling grew stronger when he dropped to his knees to see the weapon better. Who would’ve thought he was that interested…
Just to humor him, she pulled it out of her pocket completely, though kept low so no other people passing them by would freak out. Honestly most people had a weapon on them nowadays, but still, she didn’t want any trouble. It didn’t help the guy started rambling on about it in public, and she tried to shush him a couple of times, without success.
Maybe if she answered him he’d finally give her a break…

"Actually I don’t prefer blades at all, I want to stay far away from them. Especially after what happened to my eye. I don’t really need them in my life, nor do I need—Wait a minute, excuse you, handbag and hairpins aren’t what makes someone a girl." A pout escaped her, even though admittedly she wasn’t the most girly person and he kinda had a point.

"Anyway, my father gave this one to me; he’s a really fancy guy and has a thing for decorated weapons like this. Pretty sure he has a lot of daggers and other blades. I don’t recommend taking anything from him though, he’s pretty protective over his belongings. An’ I’m not letting you try this one either. He entrusted this blade to me, it’s important and I can’t end up losing it because I was too trusting once again."

Seems Ace wasn’t too ready yet to make a new friend in him. He didn’t strike her as the most trustworthy guy, and she had vowed to be more careful from here on. She had already lost too much and couldn’t afford to lose any more.

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Drabble, forgotten clown



Hey Ace, oh come on dear you have to remember me. If this is a game, please stop, it’s not fun at all The clown admits to the little brown haired girl that he came to always being around. Single eye pleading that this was a game, maybe even a prank that she was plugging on him. 

But that look. That one look made him crack. 

To him, those wonderful hazel eyes stared back to him. Wide with terror with also wearing something that he hasn’t seen her in before. Her black hoodie was not on her small body and instead their was a new article of clothing that he didn’t remember her having. Fear is evident in those eyes as he tries to reach out to her again, only to have her shrink back away from him. Almost slapping his cold hand away from her face this time. 

It wasn’t a game, and those eyes were only capturing what he has done in the past and surely will do in the future. Staring past the facade of a colorful clown to a monster growling to be let out. A hideous being hiding behind a painted mask that he had hoped she would never see past. 

" Monster" 

That’s what she said in a terrified whisper. What ever left he had of a heart crashes at that. It shouldn’t have hit him so hard like that as he was told that he was a monster numerous times by various people. But with Ace, his dear sweet little Ace, accusing him of being one broke that wavering smile. 

" Please A-He tried again but there was a terrified yelp from her as he tried to approach her. No, no this can’t be happening again. He had made sure that she wouldn’t know any of that bloody stuff. All the monstrosity inside of him. Everything. His hand drops back to his side. A pained look crossing his face as he continues to stare down to her. 

Flashes of all the people, all the creatures , that pointed their fingers at him. Everything ranging from screams, shouts, pleads and whispers of him of a grotesque monster runs through his mind. He couldn’t take it. Not again. Not this. 

A black thick substance dripped from his single eye as he kept his head down and away from her as a slithering shadow behind her slithers up behind her and stabs her in the heart. Quick, painless. Only a short moment for her to drag her breath before crumbling down as a puppet without it’s strings to the ground. 

" Next life Ace. Next life I swear you won’t see that monster again…"


Jester slowly turned his attention towards Ace. Having to pry his eyes away from the scientists drenched in chemicals that made the urge to rip out their throats quite powerful. Building up to a over flowing boil inside of the mass of shadows as thin red slits narrowed towards Ace. 

Pieces of what she said had reached him. But not all. Out of here, Blue, home, you, those few words the being heard as a small whimper, a pathetic one coming from Blue as the coil retreats back to their master. 

But the chemicals. They done the same thing before as a deep throat growl left the creature. Teeth were appearing from the shape of where his head was. Sharp, ugly teeth made for ripping flesh off bones shown from the darkness. Thick drips of what looked like the shadows peeling away from them as he has to physically force himself to move away from Ace so that she could see the exit behind him. To take that chance and get out of here. The path’s already clear and she could avoid being stuck with the scientists any longer. 

Blue, he came out of his cell. Inch by inch but kept towards the walls. Staying far away from Jester as possible as he saw what he meant. The hairs standing on the back of his neck were also telling him that there would be a repeat of what happened last time with Jester leaving the labs. 

As she feared, he didn’t seem intent on leaving before those scientists were out of his sight, forever. It was almost surprising if not terrifying when he turned to face her and gave her a glare of red eyes, before he stepped aside to point her to the exit. She really wanted to leave, but not without him, not before she had succesfully calmed him down. It didn’t seem like that would happen though, and she noticed Blue slowly coming out of his cell.

His reaction to Jester said it all; they should avoid him for now. One final glance to the cowards calling themselves scientists was given, one final “I’m sorry…” and then she ran over to Blue. She couldn’t stop Jester and should instead focus on her other friend. Jester would be alright after they were safe and sound again, she trusted. The scientists however, she knew they would not be alright. This was their final hour… probably final minutes.

Once she reached Blue’s side, she ushered him towards the exit, telling him to go with her, and without Jester for now. He’d come when he was ready. Their best chance to escape was while they used the commotion Jester had caused, while there was a path cleared for them to follow. If she could lead poor terrified Blue through it, then atleast she had done something good this horrible day…

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Song: Every Step
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Hold on, she listened to him. There were actually no barking back either or scoldings for being immature with his imaginary gun. It wasn’t new, but completely rare.

Then came the question he loved to answer. Who was he. What kind of guy was he? Oh the possibilities with the people, he was everything between the owner of a castle to Draculas son.
"You’re not from here, are you?" Says the one who came to the city like three hours ago. A wild chance but whether it was true or not never really mattered, whatever the response was, it usually made people curious or insulted. The insulted ones would follow on with his lies to not look like idiots in front of this very rude brat who was way below them.


The green eyes turned towards the other hand that rested in his pocket, now carefully showing the handle of a gun before he hid it back in the hoodie again. Of course, it wasn’t really a gun. Just a few inches more and she’d seen a ridiculously bright orange color of the little gun. Just like all the other students, he had been given a flare gun, in case they got separated. Now he had been running of by himself and wouldn’t use it but it was a standard thing.

"I wouldn’t use it on you though, we have a rule, only those who asks for it." 

"Oh trust me, I’ve been on these streets for most of my life actually", she spoke matter-of-factly. She wasn’t even exaggerating. She had only lived at the mansion for two years and had been with Dove for little more than a year now. Even when she still lived with her mother, she was usually out on the streets to avoid abuse. So in that sense he was wrong about her, and his people skills surely could use some polishing.

She would have said that out loud, if it weren’t for the fact she instantly fell silent when her eye caught sight of the handle of a gun in his hoodie pocket. So he really did have a gun, which he could have used, had it not been for his rule. Surprisingly, she wasn’t even too frightened. She had stood face to face with demons and other supernatural beings who would make her death a lot slower and more painful than a gunshot. Besides, out here in public, it would get the guy in trouble as well if he shot her.

With a little sigh she herself stuck a hand behind her clothes and flashed an ornate dagger. A little gift from Dove to be used in case of emergency. “It’s not as effective as a gun I’ll admit, but I’m not unarmed either. I don’t want to use it though, I hate having to harm others even for my own protection. So let’s just not attack each other and drop the hostility, deal?”

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Stars - Lights Changing Colour


★ - He listened to her orders quietly, fighting back a smirk at the enticing prospect of breaking her bed. But why continue when annoying Ace was so enjoyable? - 


★ - "I’m exhausted." - 

"Exhausted?" He didn’t really look like it on the outside and she was a little skeptical, but well, maybe he had already been quite busy before reaching her place to come bother her. If he didn’t have the energy to continue then she’d give him a break. They already made progress with one piece of furniture, so that was something.

"Alright, then take it easy. Thanks for the help with the cupboard, that’s already a problem off my list now thanks to you. The bed will just have to come later. Hey I don’t have much here I can offer you, but atleast if you want I could get you some water?"

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Serafino looked at the paper closely, reading the text a couple of times before he answered. “Oh, that place! Yes I know where it is!” 

He and Mamoru had passed it on one of their walks the other day. The little phoenix in human guise smiled at the girl. 

"I can show you where it is if you’d like," He told her. "It’s not too far from here." 

A wave of relief washed over Ace, hearing that this kid knew where it was located. Even better, he was willing to show her where to go, and it wasn’t even far away! That was the best news she had heard all day. And considering she had been roaming for a big part of today already…

"Great! Please show me where it is yeah! ‘N if you have time… maybe you could hang out with me for a bit longer? I’m kinda on my own today and fun fairs are always better when you’re together with someone, right?"




"You did tell me to leave you alone but then you started a conversation with me, then you left me instead. Really you’re giving me mixed signals here. But to answer your question now that you’ve started yet another conversation. I’m just showing you what would happen when you’re using those claws and fangs in the way you’re doing right now." Even if those ‘claws’ and ‘fangs’ were really something that belonged to a little mouse. She even squeaked like one.


"You’re barking without knowing who you’re barking at, I could have a gun or a knife on me." The girl took a lot of attention to begin with when walking around with her eye covered like that, another would be if she barked at everyone, troublesome indeed.

"Mixed signals..?" Maybe she was, by first yelling at him, then telling him to leave her alone, only to begin another conversation when he retorted. She should have just walked away without turning back everytime he said something, no matter how infuriating it was. Worse was that he had another point; she yelled at him without knowing what he was like. He could have indeed snapped at her and injured her further. She was already an easy target, the way things were right now.

She fell silent, unable to make any more remarks. He was right, and they both knew it. An uneasy expression formed on her face. Should she apologize to him? Maybe he had been rude to her, but she technically had started it by walking straight into him and telling him to back off before he could even respond. She wanted to apologize, but a sense of pride got in the way and defensive mode switched on once more.

"So do you? Have a gun or knife on you I mean? Are you that kinda guy? Someone I should have avoided? May as well tell me who I’m barking at then, since you seem bent on having a conversation with me.”

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Who would be so mean to bully a girl who was obviously hurt and upset? Oh yeah wait, he would. So what if something was unfair, was he supposed to walk up to every human and ask for permission to tell them what he wanted? No, that took away the whole point. 


"Oh dear madame I am so sorry." There was a heavy sarcasm in his voice as he shoved his hands in his pockets, staring at her with a raised eyebrow while she was trying to shove him. It may not look like it but he was about half the size he first appeared to be and had to shift his weight and lean against the small push she gave. 

The green eyes watched her as she walked away, considering for a moment to leave the grumpy kid alone but decided against it. If she was going to be one with claws and fangs, she might as well do it right. Lucky for her, she happened to run into the best teacher on the streets~ 


With just a few quick steps, he caught with her, leaning forward as his hand reached out to let two sharp fingers poke at her back. “Bang.”

Except she didn’t want any teacher. Nor had she even expected him to still follow after her. Just the mere poke of his fingers had been enough to make her jump, but the added ‘Bang’ forced a yelped out of her. Within a second she was turned around, one single eye wide and full of fear as it stared up at her ‘assailant’… just to see the same guy again.

Hands didn’t know whether to tremble out of shock, or aggravation from his action. Maybe it was a combination of both. She was speechless for a moment, words couldn’t leave her mouth while she swallowed hard and then grit her teeth. What was this guy’s problem?! Maybe she was the problem here, deep down she knew that.

"You again?! Didn’t I tell you to just leave me alone? What do you want from me?"

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